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From: (by way of Dorothy Firsching )
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 21:45:28 -0500 (EST)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 15:13:54 +0100
From: Paolo Nesi <>
Subject: CFPs: METICS99
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      The Sixth International Symposium on Software Metrics


          November 5-6, 1999. Boca Raton, Florida, USA

            "Taking the Measure of New Technology"

Co-located with IEEE International Symposium on Software 

Engineering (ISSRE'99):


                          Call for Papers

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Council=20
on Software Engineering (Pending approval) in cooperation
with Fraunhofer IESE and the Software Productivity Consortium.

About the METRICS symposium:

Effective technology depends upon measurement, and effective
measurement depends upon a three-pronged approach of science
to develop metrics, engineering to evaluate and test metrics,
and applications that use metrics in industry. Papers are=20
desired which address any one of these crucial areas:

Science -       Topics include new models for the measurement
                of requirements, design, and code structures;
                Evaluation of functional, object- oriented=20
                and program complexity; Process models on the
                effectiveness of resource, testing, or quality
                attributes; Cycle-time models

Engineering-      Tailoring of formal models to apply to industry;
                Evaluation and experimental results showing
                applicability of models and measures to real
                problems; Tool support for the collection,=20
                analysis and display of measures

Applications -  Case studies showing novel uses of measures in
                industry; Examples of metric use; Effective suites
                of multiple measures for project management

Symposium Theme:
Many new approaches to software development have become commercially
important in the past few years. Existing measurement concepts and
techniques must be updated to address these technologies.The theme
of the conference will focus on the application of measurement
(through empirical studies) to understanding and managing new software
technologies (including their related tools and processes), such
- COTS-Based Development
- Software Architectures
- Object-Oriented Development
- Web-based Applications

Quality papers on other general measurement topics will also be

Submission Process:

April 1, 1999   Send abstract of paper as a short ASCII email
                message to program chair(
                Include email address, telephone number, and full=20
                postal address.
May 1, 1999     Send full paper electronically to program chair.=20
                Paper may either be a postscript file or a MicroSoft
                Word-File. Papers are limited to 12 pages. Electronic
                submission only! If no email connection, you may send
                the Program Chair a PC diskette with the paper on it.
June 14, 1999   Notification to authors of acceptance decisions.
Aug 1, 1999     Final copies of accepted papers due for proceedings.
                (camera-ready copy)

For further information, contact either of the following:

Program Chair: Lionel Briand
               Fraunhofer IESE
               Sauerwiesen 6
               Kaiserslautern, D-67661
               49 (0) 6301 707250 (voice)
               49 (0) 6301 702202 (fax)=20

General Chair: David Card                       =20
               Software Productivity Consortium                =20
               115 Windward Way                                =20
               Indian Harbour, FL 32937                         =20
               USA                                             =20
               1 703 742 7199 (voice)                          =20
               1 703 742 7200 (fax)                            =20
Program Committee will include:

Wiliam W. Agresti USA       Anneliese von Mayrhauser USA=09
Motoei Azuma        Japan           James Miller             UK=09
James Bieman        USA     Audris Mockus            USA=09
Annie Combelles   France        Sandro Morasca           Italy=09
Adrian Cowderoy   UK                John C. Munson           USA=09
Bill Curtis         USA     Paolo Nesi               Italy=09
Rainer Dumke        Germany       Kris Oosting           NL=09
Christof Ebert    Belgium       Linda M. Ott             USA=09
Khaled El-Emam    Germany       Shari L. Pfleeger        USA=09
Dennis Goldenson  USA           Lutz Prechelt            Germany=09
Rachel Harrison   UK            Dieter Rombach           Germany=09
Ross Jeffery      Australia     Linda H. Rosenberg       USA
Rick Kazman       USA           Norman F. Schneidewind   USA=20
Taghi Khoshgoftaar USA          Brian Henderson-Sellers  Australia
Bruno Lague       Canada        Martin Shepperd          UK
Filippo Lanubile  Italy         Fr=E9d=E9rique Vallee        France
Michael A. Lee    France        Gwendolyn H. Walton      USA=20
Darrell G. Linton USA           Claes Wohlin             Sweden
Gilbert Le Gall   France        Marvin V. Zellkowitz     USA    =09
Hakim Lounis        Canada=09

Please note my new email addresses, please use all of them in 
this while
Paolo Nesi, Ph.D.              tel: +39-055-4796523, 
Associate Professor                  fax: +39-055-4796363
Dept. of Systems and Informatics     email:
University of Florence                
Via S. Marta 3                    
50139 Firenze                               

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