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DM: AAAI-99 & GECCO-99 workshop on Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms

From: Alex Alves Freitas
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 16:45:15 -0500 (EST)
(Apologies for cross-postings)

                              CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                    The AAAI-99 & GECCO-99 Workshop on
                                RESEARCH DIRECTIONS.

                                  July 18, Orlando, Florida.

There has been a growing interest in data mining in several AI-related areas, including evolutionary algorithms. Hence, it seems that it is the right time for the communities of data mining and evolutionary algorithms to meet and exchange ideas. The general goal of the workshop will be to discuss promising and necessary research directions in data mining with evolutionary algorithms.

The deadline for paper submission has passed. If you have not submitted a paper, you can still attend the workshop if you are invited by the Chairman. (This workshop has a limited number of attendees.) If you would like to attend, please contact the Chairman as soon as possible via e-mail, sending a statement of interest or a short CV (maximum 2 pages) describing your relevant expertise, publications, etc. in data mining and/or evolutionary algorithms.

Workshop attendees will have to register for either AAAI-99 or GECCO-99.

The selected papers will be published as an AAAI Technical Report.

Additional information:
Workshop Chairman:
Alex Alves Freitas

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