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Re: DM: RE: Datamining Texts

From: Omer F Rana
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 05:53:15 -0400 (EDT)
} I used the following in my CSE599 Knowledge Discovery in Databases 
course at
} Northern Arizona University last semester:
} Berry, Michael and Linoff, Gordon, "Data Mining Techniques: For 
} Sales, and Customer Support", John Wiley and Sons, 1997, ISBN: 
} This is a great book for practitioners and goes relatively deep in 
} explanation of how the algorithms work. However, depending on your 
} it may need to be supplemented with more rigorous readings in 
} learning. For a computer science graduate course I have yet to find 
a DM
} book that really peels back the skin and looks inside. 
Unfortunately, the
} good machine learning texts are much broader than a KDD focus. 
Anyhow, I
} hope this helps.

Hi, I use the book:

"An introduction to Expert Systems" by Peter Jackson (Addison Wesley, 
3rd edition

for an MSc course that covers some aspects of Data Mining. The title 
of this
book is misleading -- as it covers a number of other related areas in 
learning -- such as bayesian nets, dempster shafer, id3/c4.5, rough 
sets etc. 
the book also uses CLIPS as the expert system shell -- and if you are 
a Java fan 
(like me), you can adapt the examples for use with JESS. 


work:+44 (0)1222-875542 / otherwise:+44 0956-299981 / parallel and 
computing group / room S2.03 / dept of computer science / university 
of wales
- cardiff / po box 916 / cardiff cf2 3xf / uk / email:

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