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DM: UCLA summer short courses in Information Technology

From: Goodin, Bill
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 13:38:01 -0400 (EDT)
This summer, UCLA Extension will present the following information 
technology short courses on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

July 7-9, 1999, "Software Cost and Schedule Estimation".  The 
instructor is Donald Remer, PhD, Partner, Claremont Consulting Group, 
and Oliver C. Field Professor of Engineering, Harvey Mudd College of 
Engineering and Science, $1295.

July 26-27, 1999, "Relational Remodeled".  The instructor is Chris 
MA, Independent Consultant and Author, $795.  ($1695 for combined 

July 28-30, 1999, "Objects, Relations, and Object/Relational: The 
Future of Database Management".  The instructor is Chris Date, MA, 
Independent Consultant and Author, $1295.  ($1695 for combined 

August 2-5, 1999, "E-Commerce: Architecting the Solution".  The 
instructors are Steffano Korper, MS, Adjunct Professor of Electrical 
Engineering, Southern Methodist University; and Juanita Ellis, MS, 
Lecture and Co-Founder, E-Commerce Program, $1495.

August 11-13, 1999, "Embedded and Real-time Systems".  The 
instructors are Miodrag Potkonjak, PhD, Associate Professor, 
Computer Science Department, UCLA; and Mani Srivastava, PhD, 
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, UCLA, 

For additional information and complete course descriptions, please
visit our web page,,

or contact Marcus Hennessy at:
(310) 825-1047
(310) 206-2815  fax

All of these courses may also be presented on-site at company 

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