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DM: PKDD'99 deadline extension

From: Rauch Jan - KIZI, 2426, 438nb,UID=1291
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 09:39:05 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: University of Economics, Prague, CZ

Dear  colleagues,
Please add the attached announcement of PKDD'99 deadline extension 
to your list. Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours

Jan Rauch, 
program co-chair of the conference

Jan Rauch
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
University of Economics 
W. Churchill sq. 4
130 67 Prague 
Czech Republic
tel:(+42 2) 24 09 54 63

Due to number of requests we have extended 
the paper submission deadline for PKDD'99:

Abstracts submission deadline:   May 8, 1999
Papers submission deadline:     May 11, 1999

                            3rd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE
                      ON PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF
                      PRAGUE, September 15-18, 1999


Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) have emerged
from a combination of many research areas: databases, statistics,
machine learning, automated scientific discovery, inductive logic
programming, artificial intelligence, visualization, decision
science, and high performance computing. While each of these areas
can contribute in specific ways, KDD focuses on the value that is
added by creative combination of the contributing areas. The goal of
PKDD '99 is to provide a European- based forum for interaction among
all theoreticians and practitioners interested in data mining.
Interdisciplinary collaboration is one desired outcome, but the main
long-term focus is on theoretical principles for the emerging
discipline of KDD and on practical applications of discovery systems
that are built on those principles. We seek the KDD-specific
principles that go beyond each contributing area. We seek a new
generation of applications that go beyond applications developed in
each contributing area.


PKDD'99 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, at the campus of
the University of Economics, 15 minutes walking distance from the
historical center of Prague.


 - Data and knowledge representation for data mining
 - Statistics and probability in data mining
 - Logic-based perspective on data mining
 - Data warehousing and knowledge discovery
 - Man-Machine interaction in data mining
 - Artificial Intelligence contributions to KDD
 - High performance computing for data mining
 - Machine learning and automated scientific discovery
 - Quality assessment of data mining results
 - Applications of data mining and knowledge discovery
 - KDD process


 - invited talks by KDD leaders and experts
 - oral and poster presentations of innovative research papers
 - software demonstrations
 - panel discussions
 - discovery challenge
 - tutorials


Jan Zytkow
Univ. of North Carolina,

Jan Rauch
University of Economics,


Submitted papers should be in English and not exceed 10 single-spaced
pages of 12pt font (excluding title page but including tables,
figures and bibliography). A separate title page should begin with
title, authors, affiliations, surface and e-mail addresses, and an
abstract of about 200 words. LaTeX and Word style files are available
at The title page must be submitted
electronically in ASCII by May 1. An electronic version of the paper
must be submitted by May 4th, 1999. Electronic submission can be done
using e-mail to (uuencoded and compressed
PostScript) or using the form on the PKDD99 web page (PostScript).
Four hard copies of the paper by regular mail are also accepted if
electronic submission is not possible. All items should be sent to
the following addresses:

Regular mail:
Jan Rauch
University of Economics,
W. Churchill Sq. 4,
130 67 Prague, Czech  Republic

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