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DM: Data Mining in Telecoms job (London based)

From: David Watkins
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 13:40:18 -0400 (EDT)
Job Opportunity for a Data Modeller

A data modelling position is available in a small team looking at data mining applications within the telecoms industry. Applicants should be able to discuss in depth some or all parts of a data mining project, from inception to deployment.

Roles and Responsibilities

The job is fairly open-ended according to the successful applicants' skills. The ideal candidate would have the ability to carry out all or part of a data mining project as outlined by the CRISP-DM standard.

* Understand a business problem and the potential gains of data mining
* Gain knowledge of the available data, and it's suitability for 
solving a problem
* Data Preparation skills. Formatting, pre-processing data.
* Modelling. A knowledge of data mining techniques and their
applicability to problems.
* Evaluation. Recognition of useful results and the ability to present
these within the group and/or to customers
* Deployment. Producing specifications for embedding the results in a
product, with the possibility of doing the development work.

The candidate should be available for some travelling, both in the UK and abroad.

Technical Skills

The ideal candidate will have some or all of the following skills:
* A knowledge of data mining techniques (eg Neural nets, Rule 
Genetic Algorithms, Clustering)
* An understanding of statistical techniques (regression, k-means)
* Exposure to a data mining package
* Excel
* UNIX, C++
* Knowledge of Telecoms, particularly GSM


Both experienced Data Miners and graduates with a strong interest in 
the field will be considered.

Personal Qualities

* Logical/Analytical approach to problems
* Pragmatic
* Ability to find creative solutions to problems
* Ability to interact with customers
* Presentation skills
* Team player

David Watkins
Data Modeller
ADC Metrica, Richmond, UK
Tel : +44 181 332 7400
Mobile: +44 370 987 600

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