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DM: M99-Data Mining Technology Conference--Additional Speakers

From: Dawn Swope
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 17:52:51 -0400 (EDT)
What:           M99 - Data Mining Technology Conference
When:           September 13-17
Where:  SAS Institute Inc.
                        Cary, North Carolina

Conference speakers include:
        NEW!    Michael J. A. Berry, Data Miners
        NEW!    Gordon Linoff, Data Miners
        Ismail Parsa, Epsilon Corporation
        Bhavani Thuraisingham, Mitre Corporation
        Conference Chair:  C. Olivia Rud, Directcom

Additional speakers are forthcoming.
You should attend the conference if you want to:
*       Find out how successful organizations have used data mining 
to build
their business
*       Learn the latest developments from industry experts
*       Exchange ideas on data mining with others in your field

Topics include:
*       Data mining, e-commerce, and the Web
*       Privacy issues
*       Churn analysis
*       Data mining methods
*       Multimedia data mining

Conference Options*
Package Pricing
5 Day Mining Methods Package (Sept 13-17)
*       Decision Tree Modeling Course
*       M99:  Data Mining Technology Conference
*       Enterprise Miner(tm): Applying Data Mining Techniques Course
4.5 Day Data Mining Package (Sept 13-17)
*       Data Mining Primer:  Overview of Applications & Methods Course
*       M99:  Data Mining Technology Conference
*       Neural Network Modeling Course

A La Carte Pricing
Pre-Conference Training (Sept. 13)
Data Mining Primer:  Overview of Applications and Methods (1/2 day)   

Decision Tree Modeling (1 day)                                        

Conference (Sept 14-15)                                         
Data Mining Technology Conference                                     

Post-Conference Training (Sept 16-17)                           
Enterprise Miner(tm): Applying Data Mining Techniques (2 days)        
Neural Network Modeling (2 days)                                      
*Save 15% by registering and paying for any of the options by August 

For additional information please e-mail or call 
Swope at 919-677-8000 extension 6926.

Dawn Swope
Office Administrator
Training Services
SAS Institute Inc.
919-677-8000 x6926

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