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Re: DM: Data Mining on Telco aspects

From: Dr. Jen Q. Louie
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 20:37:08 -0400 (EDT)
At 09:50 AM 6/22/99 +0800, you wrote:

>I'm just wondering how can I read up more on data mining on Telco 
>Are there any sites in the Internet that I should take a look at ?  
>Or is 
>there any good books on this topic ?  Thanks very much.
>Swee Leong

**************   Reply  **************

Swee Leong, the following is the only book I've read on the subject of
your interest. It may not have the depth you maybe looking for, 
if you are already familiar with the teleco industry then other DM
sources may answer other questions.

**************   Reference  **************

Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications
By Mattison, Rob
Published by Artech House
Date Published: 08/1997
ISBN: 0890069522

Summary: This comprehensive guide is the first to provide practical,
step-by-step directions for designing and delivering data warehousing 
mining applications -- specifically in a telecommunications 

Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications offers a 
perspective based on actual experiences of individuals who have
successfully designed and developed similar systems in the past. 
dozens of case studies and real-world examples, you'll learn how to 
more efficient, more effective data warehouses without wasting time 
money on impractical, untenable approaches. You'll also learn how 
telecommunications technologies can solve some of your most immediate

The book's in-depth analysis of basic fundamentals helps you 
how to engineer and implement a warehouse/mining strategy that reduces
costs, maximizes profits, and supports long-term corporate goals.
Providing new insights and knowledge-based management approaches, this
new telecommunications-specific guide will help you:

- Build a telecommunications data warehouse

- Develop the business case for financing system deployment

- Use mining tools to solve problem sets specific to 

- Organize the warehousing effort in order to guarantee effective and
efficient deployment

- Determine whether your warehousing efforts are on target and

- This focused guide is invaluable to telecommunications executives,
particularly those responsible for information technology, 
marketing, and finance, who need to understand how to develop, 
and support data warehousing activities -- then leverage this type of
system to best advantage. By serving as a "how to" reference, the book
also helps other telecommunications professionals implement data
warehousing and perform their jobs better and faster.

We have used DM tools in support of the telecommunications industry. 
currently do not have any case studies for that industry posted, but 
others maybe of interest, as well as our book list. If I can be of
further assistance please feel free to ask.

Dr. Jen Que Louie
Nautilus Systems, Inc.
3867 Alder Woods Court
Fairfax, VA  22033-2441
(703) 385-8582 (voice)
(703) 385-4857 (FAX)
Competitive Edge From Information

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