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DM: Job: Postdoc in Trinity College, Dublin.

From: Donal Lyons
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 06:58:01 -0400 (EDT)


The following has appeared at
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(In addition the Department hopes to announce shortly a two year post 
doc position in the area of computing for HSSS)

University of Dublin, Trinity College 

Applications are invited for the above post in the Department of 
Statistics at Trinity College, Dublin. The appointment will be 
tenable for a period of one year, commencing on 1st October, 
1999. The principal responsibilities of the successful candidate
 will include both teaching duties and research at a
post-doctoral level in one of the following areas: 

Data Mining: Current projects include:
(i) working with Dublin bus to exploit the data routinely logged
 by the use of automatic ticket inspection and 
(ii) working on the Central Applications Office data base, which
contains details on second-level students applying for places in 
Irish third level education.
Expertise in working with very large data sets and with modern 
clustering techniques is desirable.

Spatial Aggregation and Correlation Analysis: The Modifiable Areal 
Unit Problem is one name given to the apparent paradox observed 
when conducting analysis on multivariate data associated with 
individuals and/or small areas. The data may be aggregated 
spatially in a number of ways and this can seriously impact 
the empirical cross-correlation structure. It is proposed to 
use a model, built on spatially smooth latent variables, 
to explain the cross correlation at any structure. A number of 
technologies, including MCMC, are being considered for the 
estimating the underlying latent variables and their spatial 
correlation structure. Expertise in working with spatial data
is important. 

Deletion Diagnostics and EM: Recent research in linear models with
correlated data has successfully exploited the fact that case (or 
subset) deletion
is often exactly equivalent to replacing the deleted data with the
conditional expected value of the associated random variables, give 
the remaining data.
This is clearly very similar to the EM algorithm's method of handling
missing data. Expertise in the associated theoretical statistics is 

Appointment will be made within the salary range 16,486-23,264 per 
annum at a point to accord with qualifications and experience
to date.

Application forms and further particulars may be obtained from:

     Establishment Officer
     Staff Office
     Trinity College
     DUBLIN 2
     Tel: 608-1678
     FAX 677-2169
On-line application forms may be found at Website:

The closing date for receipt of completed applications will be 1st
September 1999.



If you apply for this position, please mention
URL of this document: 

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