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DM: RE: CoopIS'99 Programme

From: John A. Keane
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 20:17:05 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: UMIST

Apologies for multi-posting

                        FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

    Fourth IFCIS Conference on Cooperative Information Systems 
                              (In cooperation with VLDB'99) 
    Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, September 2-4, 1999
  Conference Web Page:
              or our mirror site:

CoopIS is the premier conference in the area of large scale 
collaborative information systems and draws on several
inter-disciplinary research activities. The conference has grown in
stature over the years and regularly draws a number of well known
researchers. This is the sixth Conference in the series and the fourth
conference organized by the International Foundation on Cooperative
Information Systems (IFCIS). The conference includes two keynote
addresses from well known researchers, two panels, one industrial
session, one tutorial, and 29 outstanding research papers. Edinburgh 
an exciting and vibrant city and you will be visiting it at the peak 
its festival season. It offers an outstanding range of museums, art
exhibits, concerts, and other tourist attraction and this all combined
with a lot of unique culture. 


DAY 1 (Sept 2)
8:45-9:00 OPENING
Chair: Mike Papazoglou

9:00-10:00 SESSION 1: Invited Talk
Chair: Mike Papazoglou

"Negotiating Agents for Corporate-Wide Business Process Management"
Nick Jennings

10:15-12:15 SESSION 2: Integration & Interoperability
Chair: Stuart Madnick

"Detection of heterogeneities in a multiple text database 
W. Meng, C. Yu, K. Liu

"A unified graph-based framework for deriving nominal interscheme
properties, type conflicts and object cluster similarities",
L. Palopoli, D. Sacca', G. Terracina, D. Ursino

"Access Keys Warehouse: a new approach to the development of 
information systems",
F. Arcieri, E. Cappadozzi, P. Naggar, E. Nardelli, M. Talamo

"Discovering view expressions",
Z. Kedad, M. Bouzeghoub

13:45-5:15 SESSION 3: Collaboration
Chair: Arnie Rosenthal

"Event Composition in Time-Dependent Distributed Systems",
C. Liebig, M. Cilia, A. Buchmann

"Providing Customized Process and Situation Awareness in the
Collaboration Management Infrastructure",
D. Baker, D. Georgakopoulos, H. Schuster, A.R. Cassandra, A. Cichocki

"Modeling Interactions based on Consistent Patterns",
S. Srinivas, M. Spiliopoulou

15:30-17:00 SESSION 4: Workflow Exceptions & Versioning
Chair: Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

"Dynamic Workflow Schema Evolution based on Workflow Type Versioning 
Workflow Migration",
M.Kradolfer, A. Geppert

"Generic Workflow Models: How to handle dynamic change and capture
management information",
W.M.P. van der Aalst

"Modeling and Managing Exceptional Behaviors in Commercial Workflow
Management Systems",
F. Casati, G. Pozzi

17:15-18:15 SESSION 5: Panel
Chairs: Arnon Rosenthal, Scott Renner

"Annotations: Digital Post-Its as an Information Model?"

DAY 2 (Sept 3)
9:00-10:00 SESSION 6: Tutorial
Chair: Erich Neuhold

"Web-based Information Access",
T. Catarci

10:15-12:15 SESSION 7: Web Information Systems
Chair: Maurizio Lenzerini

"Constructing a personal web map with anytime control of web robots",
S. Yamada and N. Nagino

"Looking at the Web through XML glasses",
A. Sahuguet, F. Azavant

"Learning Response Times for WebSources: A Comparison of a Web-based
prediction tool (WebPT) and a neural network",
L. Bright, L. Raschid, V. Zadorozhny, T. Zhan

"A Comprehensive Framework for Querying and Integrating WWW data and
services", O. Shmueli, D. Konopnicki

13:45-15:15 SESSION 8: E-Commerce
Chair: Marek Rusinkiewicz

"E-Commerce Bargain-Hunting with an unBun Model",
R. Yahalom, S.E. Madnick

"A Formal Yet Practical Approach to Electronic Commerce",
L. Leiba, O. Shmueli, Y. Sagiv, D. Konopnicki

"A Distributed OLAP Infrastructure for E-Commerce",
Q. Chen, U. Dayal, M. Hsu

15:30-17:00 SESSION9: Workflow Modelling
Chair: Asuman Dogac

"A case for increasing flexibility in workflow systems: modeling and
J. Tang

"Conceptual Workflow Schemas",
K. Meyer-Wegener, M. Boehm

"Cooperative Support for Office Work in the Insurance Business", A.
Margelisch, U. Reimer, M. Staudt, T. Vetterli

17:15-18:15 SESSION 10: Panel
Chair: Yannis Vassiliou

"Data Warehouse Quality Issues"

DAY 3 (Sept 4)
9:00-10:00 SESSION 11: Invited Talk
Chair: Umeshwar Dayal

"Models and Tools for Designing Data-Intensive WEB Applications",
Stefano Ceri

10:15-12:15 SESSION 12: Mediators & Query Processing
Chair: Felix Saltor

"Selectively materializing data in mediators by analyzing user 
N. Ashish, C.A. Knoblock, C. Shahabi

"Using Fagin's Algorithm for Merging Ranked Results in distributed
multimedia information system",
E.L. Wimmers, L.M. Haas, M. Tork Roth, C. Braendli

"Conflict Tolerant Queries in AURORA",
L. Ling Yan, T. Ozsu

"Optimizing queries in distributed and composable mediators",
V. Josifovski, T. Katchaounov, T. Risch

13:45-15:15 SESSION 13: Agents
Chair: Laura Haas

"The identification of missing resource information agents",
M. Minock, M. Rusinkiewicz, B. Perry

"Information Aggregation and Agent Interaction Patterns in 
B. Perry, M. Taylor, A. Unruh

"ROPE: Role Oriented Programming Environment for Multiagent Systems",
M. Becht, T. Gurzki, J. Klarmann, M. Muscholl

15:30 -16:30 SESSION 14: Workflow Transactions
Chair: Qiming Chen

"Modelling Extensions for Concurrent Workflow Coordination",
A.P. Barros, A.H.M. ter Hofstede

"Semantics and Architecture of Global Transaction Support in Workflow
P. Grefen, J. Vonk, E. Boertjes, P. Apers

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