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DM: Data Mining Scientist, Ontologists

From: Kent Clizbe
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 20:03:23 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Gatesource Partners, LLC

Hello all,

I'm a staffing consultant.  My background as an MA/Linguistics has
led me to specialize in Knowledge Management specialities:  
Data Mining,
Computational Linguists, and other related fields.

I currently have positions available with dynamic start-up
companies, pre-IPO, with stock options and great work conditions.
These companies are in Washington DC, Bay Area of California, and

There are opportunities for a Data Mining Scientist, Senior-level
Ontologists (PhD in CS or
Linguisitics), and junior level (grad degree with experience
building ontologies), as well as Natural Language Processing
specialists, and Computational Linguists/Programmers.

I'm pasting in a few of the current job openings below.  If you know 
anyone who would be appropriate for these positions, please have them
contact me immediately.  Also, please pass these opportunities on to

Thanks very much.

Kent Clizbe

PS:   In addition, I am working with a professor, a world-renowned
expert, head of a specialized Data Mining Lab, with more than 25 years
experience and hundreds of research publications in Data Mining and
related fields.  This professor is considering his options in the
private sector.  Could you provide any advice or suggestions for
companies/research labs which might hire someone with those 

Position Title: Data Mining Scientist

My client is an independent not-for-profit company that provides
technical support to the government.  Operating three Federally Funded
and Development Centers (FFRDCs), my client operates as a strategic
partner with its
sponsoring government agencies.  This relationship permits a degree of
and long-term perspective not available to commercial contractors who

for government business.  My client employs approximately 4,500
technical and
support staff at its headquarters in Bedford, MA and northern VA, and 
than 60 sites throughout the world.

Desired Education
MS or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related field

Desired Experience:
Experience in machine learning, statistics, or pattern recognition.
Experience implementing and applying data mining techniques.
Database, programming and general UNIX skills.
Experience in statistical data mining or machine learning, neural
networks, or Bayesian reasoning.  Experience with decision trees/rules
alone is
not acceptable.

Work environment:
My clientís data mining group is appropriately situated in the same
organization as both
the database research group and the modeling and simulation department
contains further AI expertise.  You will not lack from motivated,
people to talk with and tap as resources. The cultural benefits of
living about
30 miles from Washington, DC are fairly obvious and too numerous to

You will work with a group of dedicated, fun, intelligent people on a
variety of tasks and efforts.
Some projects are very applied, implementing data mining tools and
for a particular, real-world environment.  Other efforts involve more
often extending the state-of-the-art. A unique aspect of my clientís
is the opportunity to work in a variety of different areas.

U.S. citizenship is required for this position.


Position:  Computational Linguist/Natural Language Processing 

Location:  Washington DC

Our client applies the most advanced techniques in computational
linguistics to the problems of communicating information over the
Our clientís founder has been in charge of technology
for two previous startups, both of which were sold to larger
corporations. One of these was acquired for $38 million when only 8
months old.  Financial backing for our client comes from a group of
successful high-tech executives, who have been collectively
responsible for the creation of billions of dollars of value through
companies they have founded, funded, and managed.

My client is an Internet software start-up developing natural-
applications. They offer interesting and challenging work in a casual
environment in Washington

We are looking for five Computational Linguists for permanent
positions starting immediately. Our ideal candidate would have a
background combining some
computational linguistics research with experience developing 


Very strong C++ skills and experience with industrial-strength NT or
UNIX server

Desirable skills/experience include:

- C++ STL
- C++/Java integration
- multithreaded programming
- information retrieval/search
- web-based distributed apps
- WordNet applications

Strong written English skills are essential; knowledge of other
languages is a big plus.


Position Title:  Senior  Ontologist (one vacancy)
Location:  California

* Provide leadership and direction to corporate knowledge

* Organize and manage an on-going large-scale biological knowledge
representation production effort.
* Coordinate the efforts of team-members involved in ontology
* Coordinate efforts of subject matter expert transfer of
knowledge to
the representation team.

Required Competencies:
* Experience building ontologies.
* Experience managing staff in knowledge representation projects
* Experience working with subject matter experts
* Ability to complete projects on time and within budget

Desired Competencies:
* Knowledge of Biological issues and vocabulary
* Experience in genetic and protein-related research

Required Educational Background:
* Graduate level degree in a field related to Ontology:
* Computational Linguistics, Computer Science

Desired Educational Background:
PhD in Computational Linguistics with in-depth research in

Salary:  $90k-130k


Position Title:   Ontologist (four vacancies)
Location:  California

Reports to:  Senior Ontologist

Responsibilities:  Build ontologies in a team of knowledge
representation experts.  Gather, analyze and categorize biological
knowledge from diverse sources.   Work with subject matter experts
accurately present knowledge.

Required Competencies:
* Experience building ontologies, or in electronic publishing
languages, or related categorizing specialties.
* Experience in commercial world.

Desired Competencies:
* Knowledge of Biological issues and vocabulary
* Experience in genetic and protein-related research
* Data modeling experience in bio-technology

Required Educational Background:
Degree in a field related to Biology or Medicine, Linguistics or
Computer Science

Desired Educational Background:
PhD in Biology with research in computational data modeling.

Salary:  $60k-80k


Position Title:   Natural Language Processing Specialist (one vacancy)
Location: California

Reports to:  Senior Ontologist

Responsibilities:  Knowledge extraction from medical/biomedical text
corpus in support of knowledge representation product.

Required Educational Background:
MS in Computer Science or Computational Linguistics

Salary:  $80k-100k



Location:  Washington DC



     This position is a member of a group that is developing an
enterprise-level document management
     application within the Intelligence Community.  Responsibilities
include configuration and  customization of electronic document
management COTS products, user
interface design and  development (web and client/server), workflow
analysis and
engineering, and programming in 4GL  languages.   The work typically

involves use of  APIs to accomplish
integration with COTS products,
and requires familiarity with RDBMS concepts and SQL.


     BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering or related field.
Subject-matter expertise with the US
     Intelligence or DoD Communities a plus.


     A minimum of three years hands-on experience in Visual Basic
applications development and
     A minimum of two years hands-on experience with web-related
technologies and web content delivery.
     Knowledge of SQL and database concepts.
     Familiarity with web site authoring tools, web browsers and their
unique limitations, as well as
     programmatic methods for client/server interaction with data
     A team player with effective communications skills.


     Familiarity with structured markup languages, such as SGML and 

     Familiarity with integration of the web with content management,
conversion, and search and retrieval
     Experience with Intelligence Community activities and technical
solutions ( i.e. Intelink, intelligence
     gathering, analysis, and dissemination.)
     Experience in any of the following products or languages:
          Documentum EDMS / DocPage Builder
          Oracle RDBMS
          Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server
          Adobe Acrobat Plug-ins
          MS Office development and integration
          HTML and VB User Interface Development
          Java, Java script

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