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DM: New Book Announcement

From: Dr. Jason Tsong-Li Wang
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 19:47:32 -0400 (EDT)

                         New Book Announcement
Pattern Discovery in Biomolecular Data: Tools, Techniques, and 
                              Edited by
           Jason T. L. Wang, New Jersey Institute of Technology
               Bruce A. Shapiro, National Cancer Institute
                    Dennis Shasha, New York University

                     Oxford University Press, 1999

Contents and Contributors

Part I: Finding Patterns in Sequences

   1. Discovering Patterns in DNA Sequences by the Algorithmic 
      Significance Method; Aleksandar Milosavljevic (Genometrix Inc.)
   2. Assembling Blocks; Jorja G. Henikoff (Fred Hutchinson Cancer 
      Research Center) 
   3. MEME, MAST, and Meta-MEME: New Tools for Motif Discovery in 
      Protein Sequences; Timothy Bailey, Michael E. Baker, 
      Charles P. Elkan, William N. Grundy (San Diego Supercomputer 
      Center, University of California at San Diego Department of 
      Medicine and Department of Computer Science and Engineering)
   4. Pattern Discovery and Classification in Biosequences; 
      Jason Wang, Thomas G. Marr, Steve Rozen, Dennis Shasha, et al. 
      (NJIT, Genomica Corporation, MIT Whitehead Institute for 
      Research, NYU Courant Institute)

Part II: Finding Patterns in 3D Structures

   5. Motif Discovery in Protein Structure Databases; 
      Janice Glasgow, Evan Steeg, Suzanne Fortier 
      (Queen's University Department of Computing and Information 
      and Department of Chemistry)
   6. Systematic Detection of Protein Structural Motifs; 
      Kentaro Tomii, Minoru Kanehisa
      (Kyoto University Institute for Chemical Research)
   7. Representation and Matching of Small Flexible Molecules 
      in Large Databases of 3D Molecular Information;
      Isidore Rigoutsos, Daniel Platt, Andrea Califano, David 

      (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Part III: System Components for Discovery

   8. A Framework for Biological Pattern Discovery on Networks of 
      Workstations; Bin Li, Dennis Shasha, Jason Wang 
      (NYU Courant Institute, NJIT)
   9. Discovering Concepts in Structural Data; 
      Diane J. Cook, Lawrence B. Holder, Gehad Galal
      (University of Texas at Arlington Department of Computer 
      and Engineering)
  10. Overview: A System for Tracking and Managing the Results from 
      Sequence Comparison Programs; David P. Yee, Judith Bayard 
      Tim Hunkapiller, Elizabeth Kutter, et al. (Zymogenetics Inc., 
      Evergreen State College, University of Washington Department of
      Molecular Biotechnology)             
  11. RNA Structure Analysis: A Multifaceted Approach; 
      Bruce A. Shapiro, Wojciech Kasprzak, Jin Chu Wu, Kathleen Currey
      (National Cancer Institute, University of Maryland Medical 


More information about the book can be found at

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