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DM: WAEC'99 Final CFP

From: IAT99 Conference
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 10:07:55 -0400 (EDT)
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    First Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology 
                     Hong Kong    December 14-17, 1999   

            |                                                   |
            |        WORKSHOP on  AGENTS IN E-COMMERCE          |
            |                                                   |
            |          Hong Kong,  December 14, 1999            |
            |                                                   |
            | |
            |                                                   |
            |                   Organized by                    |
            |          IBM T.J. Watson Research Center          |
            |           Hong Kong Baptist University            |
            |                                                   |


                 F I N A L    C A L L    F O R    P A P E R S 
                         **  Deadline EXTENDED!  **

             Electronic/hardcopy submission deadline EXTENDED to:

                               October 15, 1999


All accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings. Best papers from the workshop (around 10-15 papers) will be extended/revised and published as a special issue on "Agents in E-Commerce" by Electronic Commerce Research Journal, Baltzer Science Publishers.

*  TOPICS  *

The pervasive connectivity of the Internet and the powerful architecture of WWW are changing many market conventions and creating a tremendous opportunity for conducting business on Internet. Intelligent agents will play a crucial role in electronic commerce where dynamic and heterogeneous interactions between tens of thousands of organizations and tens of millions of individuals are involved. So far, we have already witnessed the involvement of e-commerce agents in traditional business settings. For example, shopping agents are now available at Excite and Yahoo. Furthermore, the involvements of agents in e-commerce are re-shaping the ways business is conducted in areas such as pricing, negotiation, auction, and brokerages, to name a few. The automation brought by e-commerce agents dramatically reduces certain types of frictional costs and time incurred in trading.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring researchers and practitioners to identify and explore the issues, opportunities, and solutions for e-commerce agents. It will provide a forum for free exchange of ideas and will be featured by invited talks and refereed paper presentations. Authors are invited to submit regular papers, reports on work in progress, and position papers. Topics for submission include but are not limited to:

- Architectures, Environments and Languages for e-commerce agents
     - Legal aspects of agents in e-commerce
     - Action planning for e-commerce agents
     - Adaptation and learning for e-commerce agents
     - Human and agent interaction in e-commerce
     - Interface agents in e-commerce
     - The dynamic and global behavior of e-commerce agents
     - Mobile e-commerce agents
     - Performance measurement of e-commerce agents
     - Rational information agents and electronic commerce
     - Virtual agent-based marketplaces
     - E-commerce agents in uncertain environment
     - The personalization and privacy issues for E-commerce agents
     - Real-time scheduling protocols for e-commerce agents
     - Web data mining for e-commerce agents
     - Integration of e-commerce agents with legacy systems
     - Auction and negotiation for e-commerce agents
     - Automated shopping and trading agents
     - Agent-oriented middleware services
     - Computational markets for e-commerce agent services
     - Cryptographic techniques for e-commerce agents
     - Languages for describing goods, services, and contracts for
       e-commerce agents
     - Payment and exchange protocols
     - Visualization of e-commerce agent activities
     - Social implications for agent oriented e-commerce
     - Credit authentication, access control for e-commerce agents
     - Conceptual modeling and design of Ontologies for e-commerce 
     - Agent-based brokering and trade-mediating services
     - Virtual trading institutions
     - Role of trust


       Anthony Hall,  NORTEL NETWORKS
       Wlodek Zadrozny,  IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


   Chair:             Yiming Ye, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

   Program Committee:
                      Takeshi Furuhashi, Nagoya University, Japan
                      Avigdor Gal, Rutgers University, USA
                      Pinar Keskinocak, Georgia Institute of 
                         Technology, USA
                      Alexandros Moukas, MIT Media Lab, USA
                      John Muller, IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory, USA

                      Sun Park, Rutgers University, USA
                      Michael Rothkopf, Rutgers University, USA
                      Eric Yu, University  of Toronto, Canada


NOTE: You can submit your paper either electronically or by hardcopies.

To submit your paper electronically, email the postscript version, PDF version, or Microsoft Word version of the completed paper directly to:

Alternatively, you may submit four (4) hardcopies of the completed paper to either:

          Dr. Yiming Ye
          IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
          P.O. Box 704
          Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598

or (if you submit your paper by courier):

          Dr. Yiming Ye
          IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
          Hawthorne I
          30 Saw Mill River Road (Route 9A)
          Hawthorne, N.Y. 10532
          Tel: (914) 784-7460

Each submitted paper must include a title, an abstract, the name, mailing address, and email address of the author(s), and the main body. The length of submitted paper should NOT exceed ten (10) single-spaced, single-column pages including all figures, tables, and bibliography.

All manuscripts are expected to be formatted using the World Scientific's style files for proceedings. The style files can be found at: html -- use the style files appropriate to a trim size of 8.5"x6". Submitted papers will be reviewed on the basis of technical soundness, relevance, originality, significance, and clarity.


    Papers should be received by:                     October 15, 1999
    Notification of paper acceptance:                 November 5, 1999
    Camera ready version of accepted papers due by:   November 15, 
    Workshop:                                         December 14, 


Contact Dr. Yiming Ye at for suggestions and 

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