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DM: Fuzzy Trees

From: alberto
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 10:30:58 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: PUC-Rio University. Applied Computational Intelligence Dept.

I am working with a Fuzzy Binary (Low-High) Tree model for
classification and DataMining, and I have some doubts when I
try to apply the "crisp" criteria of Accuracy and Coverage. Does 
Know a 'Fuzzy' criteria to evaluate the Fuzzy rules
(i ex.:  If X1 is Low and X2 is Low and X3 then Class= * ;  Accuracy
(?)  / Coverage (?))

***** FUZZY Binary (Low-High) TREE ******

                        /     \
         x2- [L-H]  x4-[L-H]
               /      \         /      \
   x3-[L-H]  [L-H]   *      [L-H]
          /   \     /   \               /    \
        *    *  *    *             *    *

And I also have problems to determinate the class at each final node,
because of the Fuzzy partitioning. In fact each patter is
not only present in one final node, it is present in several nodes 
a different 'degree' (alpha). Then how to say if that rule-i
classifies class 1, 2 or...n??

Any help or suggestions will be welcome.
Thank You very much

Alberto Iriarte
PUC-Rio University
Rio de Janeiro

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