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DM: REMINDER: E-Commerce and Data Mining special issue

From: Foster Provost
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:44:00 -0400 (EDT)
     Submission deadline: 16 Nov 1999

                              Call For Papers

                      E-Commerce and Data Mining

                        Special issue of the journal
                 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

            Guest editors: Ronny Kohavi and Foster Provost

This special issue of the journal Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
is dedicated to data mining, knowledge discovery, and e-business.

E-commerce sites collect massive amounts of data on customer
purchases, browsing patterns, usage times, and preferences.  Sites
also can collect information on competitors' offerings and prices.
They can adjust their assortments, prices, and promotions quickly and
dynamically, based on changing trends and personalization rules.
Because e-businesses implement closed-loop computerized solutions,
many of the traditional barriers to the effective application of data
mining are significantly lower, such as access to data, data
transformations, process automation, and timeliness of discoveries.

                --------------- Scope ---------------

We solicit high-quality, original papers describing applications of
data mining and knowledge discovery to electronic commerce and
e-business, as well as applied and fundamental research addressing
data mining issues particular to these areas.  In all cases, the
papers should describe clearly the contributions to the field, how the
paper supports these contributions, and the relationships to existing

For more info, see

Specific questions and clarifications should be sent to

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