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DM: CALL FOR PAPERS for a forthcoming reader

From: Frank Buckler
Date: Thu Nov 18 19:18:50 1999
CALL FOR PAPERS for a forthcoming reader

"Neural Networks in Management:  a comprehensive Illustration for 
interested practitioners"

Published by Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Professor of Marketing, and 
Frank Buckler,
Department Marketing II , University of Hannover, Germany

The target group of this reader is likely to be management 
practitioners. The reader will offer a sound methodological basis 
to Neural Networks and will introduce a wide range of application 
possibilities in the field of management. Currently, the reader 
covers the following areas:

1. Introduction

2. Methodological Basis
-Classification of Neural-Network-Concepts
-Neural-Network-Concepts drawing on supervized learning
-Modell Complexity Issues
-Performance Measurement and Interpretability

3. Applications: empirical studies
-Data Analysis (defined as "task that aims at interpreting of a 
given problem")
-Forecasting and Diagnosis
-Optimisation (defined as "task that aims at meeting specific 
business objectives")

4. Practitioners' experiences with Neural Networks

We encourage contributions to Chapters 2 and 3.
Please send any queries and abstracts to:

Abstracts should be send by February 20, 2000.
Final papers should be send by June 4, 2000.

University of Hannover
Department of Marketing II
Koenigsworther Platz 1
30 167 Hannover
Phone ++49/511/762-5903
Fax ++49/511/762-3142

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