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DM: RSCTC'00: First CFP

From: User Zhong
Date: by (mbox firschng)(with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.31 1998/05/13) Fri Nov 5 10:04:34 1999)
[Apologies if you receive this more than once]

       *                                               *
       *                   First                       *
       *              CALL FOR PAPERS                  *
       *                                               *
       *   The Second International Conference on      *
       *   Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing  *
       *                (RSCTC'2000)                   *
       *                                               *
       *        Banff Park Lodge, Banff, Canada        *
       *              October 16-19, 2000              *
       *                                               *
       *   *
       *                                               *

Rough Set Theory, proposed first by Zdzislaw Pawlak in the early 80's,
has reached a maturity stage. In recent years we have witnessed a
rapid growth of interest in rough set theory and its applications,
worldwide. Various real life applications of rough sets have shown
their usefulness in many domains. It is felt useful to sum up the
present state of rough set theory and its applications, outline new
areas of development and, last but not least, to work out further
relationships with such areas as soft computing, knowledge discovery
and data mining, intelligent information systems, synthesis and
analysis of complex objects and non-conventional models of
computation.  The First International Conference on Rough Sets and
Current Trends in Computing (RSCTC'98) was held successfully in Poland
in 1998.  RSCTC'2000 will be the second conference of this kind.  Both
RSCTC'98 and RSCTC'2000 grew out of a series of annual International
Workshops devoted to the subject of rough sets held alternatively in
Canada, Japan, Poland and USA.  The aim of RSCTC'2000 is to bring
together researchers from diverse fields of expertise in order to

facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation and to help in
cooperative work aimed at new hybrid paradigms.

The conference is devoted to the following topics: 

       Rough Set Theory and Applications 
       Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications 
       Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
       Machine Learning 
       Computing with Words 
       Granular Computing 
       Neural Networks 
       Evolutionary Computing 
       Petri Nets and Concurrency 
       Pattern Recognition and Image Processing 
       Non-Classical Logic
       Approximate and Uncertain Reasoning 
       Statistical Inference 
       Spatial Reasoning 
       Logical Aspects of Soft Computing  
       Complexity Aspects of Soft Computing 
       Applications of Soft Computing 
       Decision Support Systems 
       Multi-Agent Systems 
       Hybrid and Integrated Intelligent Systems

Paper Submission

Both research and application papers are solicited. All submitted
papers will be reviewed on the basis of technical quality, relevance,
significance, and clarity.  Electronic submission is encouraged and
preferred.  Pleasse send LaTex (MS-Words, PDF, or Html) and PostScript
versions of your paper, and an ASCII version of the cover page (in
separate email), by May 15, 2000 to:

Please also submit Four (4) hardcopies of your paper by May 15, 2000 to:

                Yiyu Yao (RSCTC'2000) 
                Department of Computer Science
                University of Regina
                Regina, Saskatchewan
                Canada S4S 0A2

                E-mail: {ziarko, yyao}
                Phone: (306) 585-5213/5226
                Fax: (306) 585-4745 

Your paper length should be at most ten (10) single-spaced,
single-column pages including all figures, tables, and references.

The ASCII version of a cover page must include author(s) full address,
email, paper title and a 200 word abstract, and up to 5 keywords.

Please follow the instructions supplied by Springer-Verlag
( when preparing your
manuscript. LaTeX2e, LaTeX, TeX, and Microsoft Word Macros for
preparing your manuscript are available. Please use the style files
provided by Springer-Verlag for Proceedings and Other Multi-Author
Volumes in preparing your manuscripts

Workshop and Special Session

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, a special or an
invited session, please contact Professor W. Ziarko at


All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings by
Springer-Verlag (pending approval). A selected number of RSCTC'2000
accepted papers will be expanded and revised for inclusion in
"Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal" by
Springer-Verlag, or "Fundamenta Informaticae" by IOS Press.

Important Dates

4 copies of full papers received by:        May  15, 2000 
Acceptance notices:                         June 20, 2000 
Camera-readies due by:                      July 15, 2000 

Conference:                                 October 16-19, 2000 

Conference Organization 

Conference Chair: 
    Wojciech Ziarko, University of Regina, Canada

Honorary Chairs: 
    Zdzislaw Pawlak, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland 
    L.A. Zadeh, UC Berkeley, USA 

Program Chairs: 
    Yiyu Yao, University of Regina, Canada
    Andrzej Skowron (Europe), Warsaw University, Poland
    Shusaku Tsumoto (Asia), Shimane Medical University, Japan

Advisory Board: 
    Nick Cercone (Canada) 
    Jerzy Grzymala-Busse (USA) 
    T.Y. Lin (USA) 
    Toshinori Munakata (USA) 
    Akira Nakamura (Japan) 
    Setsuo Ohsuga (Japan) 
    Lech Polkowski (Poland) 
    Zbigniew Ras (USA) 
    Roman Slowinski (Poland) 
    Paul P. Wang (USA) 
    Ning Zhong (Japan)

Publicity Chair: 
    Ning Zhong (Japan) 

Local Oraginzation Committee: 
    Mengchi Liu (Canada) Chair 
    David Brindle (Canada) 
    Cory Butz (Canada)

Program Committee: (Incomplete List) 
    Anna Buczak (USA) 
    Gianpiero Cattaneo (Italy) 
    Juan-Carlos Cubero (Spain) 
    Andrzej Czyzewski (Poland) 
    Didier Dubois (France) 
    Ivo Duentsch (Northern Ireland) 
    Maria C. Fernandez (Spain) 
    Salvatore Greco (Italy) 
    Howard Hamilton (Canada) 
    Xiaohua Hu (USA) 
    Ryszard Janicki (Canada) 
    Julia Johnson (Canada) 
    Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland) 
    Willi Kloesgen (Germany) 
    Jan Komorowski (Norway) 
    Jacek Koronacki (Poland) 
    Bozena Kostek (Poland) 
    Wojtek Kowalczyk (The Netherlands) 
    Marzena Kryszkiewicz (Poland) 
    Pawan Lingras (Canada ) 
    Chunnian Liu (China) 
    Jiming Liu (Hong Kong) 
    Mengchi Liu (Canada) 
    Qing Liu (China) 
    Tadeusz Luba (Poland) 
    Solomon Marcus (Romania) 
    Ernestina Menasalvas (Spain) 
    Zbigniew Michalewicz (USA) 
    Ryszard Michalski (USA) 
    John Mordeson (USA) 
    Mikhail Moshkov (Russia) 
    Hung Son Nguyen (Poland) 
    Kanji Ohsima (Japan) 
    Ewa Orlowska (Poland) 
    Piero Pagliani (Italy) 
    Witold Pedrycz (Canada) 
    James F. Peters (Canada) 
    Zdzislaw Piasta (Poland) 
    Henri Prade (France) 
    Vijay Raghavan (USA) 
    Krzysztof Slowinski (Poland) 
    Jaroslaw Stepaniuk (Poland) 
    Jerzy Stefanowski (Poland) 
    Hans-Michael Voigt (Germany) 
    Roman Swiniarski (USA)
    Anita Wasilewska (USA) 
    S.K.M. Wong (Canada) 
    Xindong Wu (USA) 
    Satoshi Yamane (Japan) 
    Jan Zytkow (USA) 

Conference and Hotel Home Pages:

Banff Park Lodge:

The conference participants will enjoy the special very 
attractive room rate of $99 Canadian, or approximately $68 US, 
in this prime Banff hotel.

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