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DM: PolyAnalyst 4.0 - Final Release of the Leading Data Mining Solution

From: Sergei Ananyan
Date: Fri Dec 10 21:48:16 1999

Megaputer Intelligence

Megaputer announces the final release of PolyAnalyst 4.0, the newest version
of the leading data mining solution. The Megaputer development team extends
many thanks to numerous beta-testers who helped perfecting the system. An
evaluation copy of PolyAnalyst 4.0 can be downloaded from

Version 4.0 represents a major upgrade of the system, positioning
PolyAnalyst as the most comprehensive and versatile suite of data mining
algorithms available today. PolyAnalyst now utilizes Distributed Component
Object Model (DCOM) technology, features ten unique machine learning
algorithms, and furnishes versatile data manipulation, visualization, and
scoring capabilities. In addition to clustering, predicting, dependency
detecting, and yes/no classifying, PolyAnalyst 4.0 solves tasks of explicit
modeling,  detection of association rules in transactional data, and
classification to multiple categories. An open DCOM architecture makes
PolyAnalyst 4.0 easily extendable, upgradable and customizable. It provides
the user with an option to purchase only the necessary machine learning
algorithms as individual modules and utilize these modules as an integral
part of their data storage and management system. A DCOM-based PolyAnalyst
Knowledge Server can support several client stations on a local network.

New features of PolyAnalyst 4.0 include:

* Unique Market Basket Analysis algorithm for processing transactional data.
Groups of products sold together well and the corresponding directed
association rules are identified an order of magnitude faster than by
traditional algorithms.
* New Memory Based Reasoning algorithm based on a combination of Nearest
Neighbor and Genetic Algorithms. The new method is used efficiently for
classification into multiple categories, as well as prediction of numerical

* Implementation of the DCOM architecture. Now individual PolyAnalyst
algorithms can be easily utilized in the form of ActiveX modules in external
decision support or data management applications. New PolyAnalyst machine
learning modules can be easily added and upgraded.
* Support for the analysis of large datasets. The maximum volume of data
accepted by the system has been significantly increased and new mechanisms
for dealing with large datasets have been implemented.
* Redesigned user interface. The project contents are organized in a
Windows-standard tree-like style, while preserving all the best features of
the traditional PolyAnalyst interface.
* Dynamic HTML reports for exploration engines. The new interactive reports
can be customized, saved, printed, or copied in a standard portable format,
and exchanged with external applications
* Mouse-driven Rule Assistant for simple creation of user defined
transformation rules.
* Lift and Gain Charts for interpreting the results obtained by machine
learning algorithms are especially valuable for direct marketing tasks.
These features are very useful for measuring the extra profit reaped by a
marketer making decisions based on the knowledge discovered by PolyAnalyst.
* New Snake Chart for convenient visual comparison of different data sets.
* New Chart Designer for the development of custom charts and advanced data
visualization capabilities
* New PA Scheduler enabling batch process data mining in PolyAnalyst. The
user can record a sequence of actions and schedule the created script to be
run by PolyAnalyst at a specified time and on the specified datasets.
* Sampling capabilities, allowing random selection of records from a
* Direct data exchange with Oracle Express and IBM Visual Warehouse.

“By offering these new features, Megaputer has clearly positioned
PolyAnalyst 4.0 as the number one modern business solution for data
analysis,” says Sergei Arseniev, CEO of Megaputer Intelligence. “Now
PolyAnalyst combines the broadest selection of versatile machine learning
algorithms with the convenience and flexibility of DCOM architecture. The
new cutting-edge technology helped Megaputer significantly increase its DM
market share during the last year.”

A number of Fortune 100 companies, such as Allstate Insurance, Boeing, and
DuPont Dow Elastomers, have already switched to PolyAnalyst 4.0. Our
customers are very enthusiastic about the system:

“Analytical engines do an excellent job of finding relations amongst many
fields without overfitting.”
-- Timothy E. Nagle, Nycor Group, Consulting Scientist to 3M

“We chose PolyAnalyst because it offered broad analytic functionality and
ease of use beyond any other product.”
-- Carl Cozine, Principal, CACTUS Strategies

“The software provides a unique and powerful set of tools for data mining
applications, including promotion response analysis, customer segmentation
and profiling, and cross-selling analysis.”
-- Raymond Burke, Chair of BA, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Platforms: Windows NT/95/98/2000

PolyAnalyst is a multi-strategy data mining solution utilizing the latest

achievements in automated Knowledge Discovery in Databases. A broad
selection of exploration engines allows the user to predict values of
continuous variables, explicitly model complex phenomena, determine the most
influential independent variables, solve classification and clustering
tasks, and process transactional data. The ability of PolyAnalyst to present
the discovered relations in explicit symbolic form has no world analogs. The
DCOM-based design, point-and-click GUI, versatile data manipulation,
visualization, and reporting capabilities, minimum of explicit statistics,
and a simple interface to various data storage architectures and external
applications make PolyAnalyst a very easy-to-use system.

Megaputer provides a complete family of innovative solutions for Knowledge
Discovery in Databases, Data Mining, Semantic Text Analysis, and Information
Management. The offered solutions help users make better business decisions
by revealing knowledge hidden in their database or textbase. Megaputer
customers range from Fortune 100 companies, to numerous smaller businesses,
to government offices, and to educational institutions.
Sergei Ananyan
VP, Marketing;  Megaputer Intelligence; Tel: 812-325-3026 ; FAX: 812-339-1646

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