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DM: Fwd: clustering and classification - _the_ source for bibliographies

From: Dorothy Firsching
Date: Sat Dec 11 20:18:59 1999
>X-From_: Sat Dec 11 15:08:50 1999
>Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 20:05:20 +0000 (GMT)
>From: "Prof. F. Murtagh" <>
>Subject: clustering and classification - _the_ source for bibliographies
>Dear Colleague,
>The following may be of interest, either to contribute a software or other
>exhibit area, or to get a copy when available (approx. May 2000). 
>Prof. F. Murtagh, School of Computer Science, 
>The Queen's University of Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN, 
>Northern Ireland  Tel +44 28 9027-4620  Fax +44 28 9068-3890
>Centre for Image and Vision Systems
>Clustering and Classification Bibliographies - and now Software
>The Classification Literature Automated Search Service (CLASS), the only
>classification bibliography, published annually since the 1970s by the
>Classification Society of North America (CSNA), is undergoing big changes.
>>From 2000, CLASS will be available on CD.  On the CD will be a range of 
>other information from CNSA, and information about public domain
>clustering and classification software. The CD will save time and effort
>in looking for clustering and classification information, and a production
>run of 1000 CDs will be distributed to key researchers, R&D specialists,
>and educators, across various disciplines relating to classification and
>data analysis. The CD is distributed as a supplement to the Journal of
>Classification and, in addition, will be available on library shelves
>with the Journal of Classification.
>Availability on CD also means that information on commercial software,
>shareware, and clustering- and classification-related services will be

>available, as well as publications and event information. Just $75 for 
>lists of relevant publications or your exhibition events, with links to
>your web sites!  More information and pricing is available from the CSNA
>web site, (see under 'New developments related
>to Classification Literature Automated Service').
>Now is the time to reserve space on this CD.  I look forward to hearing 
>from you,
>Eva Whitmore
>CLASS Technical Editor  
> Eva Whitmore 
> 14 Calgary St.
> St. John's, NF  A1A 3W2
> Tel: 709-739-6252  Email: 
Dorothy Firsching
Nautilus Systems, Inc.
3867 Alder Woods Court
Fairfax, VA  22033

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