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DM: CFP: GECCO-2000 workshop on Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms

From: Alex Alves Freitas
Date: Fri Dec 17 21:46:00 1999
                        (Apologies for cross-posting)

                   C A L L    F O R     P A P E R S

GECCO-2000 Workshop On Data Mining With Evolutionary Algorithms.
             Las Vegas, NV, USA.  July 8, 2000.

The goal of this half-day workshop is to discuss research integrating
the areas of data mining and evolutionary algorithms. Topics of interest
include (but are not limited to):

Evolutionary algorithms (EA) for classification, clustering, dependence
modelling, regression,
  time series and other data mining tasks
Extraction of comprehensible, interesting knowledge with EA
Scaling up EA for very large databases
Parallel and/or distributed EA
Comparison between EA and other data mining methods
Genetic operators tailored for data mining tasks
Incorporating domain knowledge in EA
Integrating EA with database systems
Data mining with evolutionary, intelligent agents
Hybrid (neural-genetic, rule induction-genetic, etc.) EA
Uncertainty handling with EA
Data pre-processing (e.g. data cleaning, attribute selection) with EA
Post-processing of the discovered knowledge with EA
Mining semi-structured or unstructed data (e.g. text mining) with EA

Speakers will be selected via submission of short papers. Position
papers are also welcome. Papers will
be selected by an international program committee.

This is the second workshop on this theme. The first one, the AAAI-99 &
GECCO-99 Workshop on Data Mining
with Evolutionary Algorithms, was attended by about 45 people. It
consisted of six papers presentations,
and the proceedings of the workshop were published by AAAI Press as the
Technical Report WS-99-06
(ISBN: 1-57735-09001).

Submitted papers must have at most four pages. A postscript version of
the paper must be e-mailed to
the chairman by February 11.

  Important Dates:
Paper submission: February 11
Acceptance/Rejection notification: March 8
Camera-ready copy submission: April 1

GECCO-2000 (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conf.) will be held in
Las Vegas, NV, USA, July 8-12, 2000.
GECCO-2000 is a combination of the Genetic Programming 2000 and Int.
Conf. on Genetic Algorithms 2000.
GECCO-99 had 619 attendees and is the largest conference in the field of

evolutionary computation.

Additional information on the workshop:
Chairman: Alex A. Freitas. E-mail:

Additional information on the GECCO-2000 conference:


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