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DM: KDD-2000 Workshops Call for Proposals

From: Paul Bradley .Paul Bradley <>
Date: Thu Dec 23 14:43:59 1999
              KDD-2000 Workshops Call for Proposals

          The Sixth ACM SIGKDD International Conference
             on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

              August 20-23, 2000, Boston, MA, USA


                       Call for Proposals

              Workshop proposals due:  Feb 1, 2000
              Notification:  Feb 15, 2000
              Workshop Call for Papers:  Mar 1, 2000
              Papers due:  May 15, 2000
              Acceptance Notification:  June 15, 2000
              Revisions due:  July 15, 2000
              Workshop!:  August 20, 2000 

KDD-2000 Workshops Chair:  Philip Chan, Florida Institute of
			   Technology, (

Call for Proposals:

KDD-2000 will host a set of related workshops to capitalize
on the presence of researchers at the main conference.  
Workshops are intended to by technically oriented and 
focused on specific research issues or topics.  Workshops
are intended to encourage informal presentations of 
important problems, work in progress, or exciting research
ideas that may not have reached maturity.  Workshop chairs
define the focus of the workshop, review submissions, and
decide final program content.  Workshop chairs may elect to
for organizing or program committees as they deem necessary.

Workshop proposals (details below) should be sent to the
Workshops Chair Philip Chan ( electronically
by the submission deadline of February 1, 2000.


     February 1, 2000:  Workshop proposals due.
         Submit plain text electronically to Workshops 
	Chair Philip Chan (  Proposals 
         should include the following information:

           1. Topic Description:  Description of research
              issues that will be the focus of the 
           2. Relevance of Topic:  Briefly describe why 
              the topic is of particular interest at 
              this time.
           3. Organizing Committee's Contact Information:
              Including address, email and phone number.
           4. List of Possible Organizers/Reviewers.
           5. List of Possible Authors/Attendees.

     February 15, 2000: Notification.
     March 1, 2000:  Workshops Call for Papers.
     May 15, 2000:  Papers due.
     June 15, 2000:  Acceptance notification.
     July 15, 2000:  Revisions due.
     August 20, 2000:  Workshops!

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