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DM: KDD-2000 Call for Papers

From: Paul Bradley
Date: Thu Dec 23 14:44:02 1999
                   KDD-2000 Call for Papers

          The Sixth ACM SIGKDD International Conference
             on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

              August 20-23, 2000, Boston, MA, USA


          See KDD-2000 Workshops Call for Proposals at:

         Electronic abstract for hard copy: Feb 29, 2000
             Hard Copy of full paper: March 3, 2000
    Electronic abstract for electronic submission: Feb 28, 2000
      Electronic submission of full paper: Feb 29-Mar 3, 2000

Research Papers:

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit research papers on any
topics of relevance to knowledge discovery and data mining. In
addition to fundamental research, we solicit papers fostering
cross-fertilization and interdisciplinary integration, as well as
papers that describe significant experiences and implementation

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

KDD Techniques:                    Mining Enterprise Databases:        
---------------------------        -----------------------------------

New KDD algorithms                 Scalable algorithms                 
Mining the Web                     Data cleaning/noisy data            
Mining text/multimedia data        Unification of mining with querying 
Incremental algorithms             Database architectures for KDD      
High-dimensional data              Database primitives for KDD         
Background knowledge               Distributed architectures for KDD   
Combining multiple models          Integration: mining/warehouse/OLAP  

Implementation and Applications:   Human Interaction and the KDD 
--------------------------------   ------------------------------------
Implementation & use of KDD        Data and knowledge visualization,       
  systems                           and visualization of large, high-      
Data mining and e-commerce          dimensional data                       
Data mining and privacy issues     Evaluating knowledge and potential      
Vertical applications               discoveries                            
Case studies: success/failure      Interactive exploration                 

How to Submit Research Papers:

Electronic Abstract: By Feb 29, 2000, authors must electronically
submit an abstract containing:

       the title of the paper
       the subject areas of the paper
       the names of the authors
       an abstract of at most 250 words

Hard Copy of Full Paper: By March 3, 2000, authors must submit six
hardcopies of their research paper, which should:

       be a maximum of 20 pages, not counting the title page
       have a line spacing of 1.5
       use no smaller than a 12pt font
       have at least a 1 inch margin on each side

Electronic Submission of Full Paper: Authors may choose to submit the
full research paper electronically instead of submitting hard copy
versions. Electronic submission of papers will begin Feb 29th 1pm PST
and end on March 3rd. To submit an electronic version of the full
paper authors must:

       (1) Submit an Electronic Abstract by Feb 28th

       (2) Submit the full paper in Word 95/97, PDF or PostScript
       format. Word and PDF are the preferred formats, but PostScript
       will be accepted. It is the absolute responsibility of the
       authors to ensure that the submitted papers will print easily
       using a variety of printers. The paper will be rejected if that
       is not the case. All PostScript submissions need to be
       uncompressed and printable by both Windows and Unix machines

       (3) Include their Paper ID (assigned during abstract
       submission) and email address

Note: You must electronically submit an abstract for a paper to be
considered. The address to mail the hardcopies will appear on the
electronic submission confirmation page and will also be emailed to
the author who submits the abstract. The contact author's address,
telephone number, email address and PaperID (which will be assigned by
the electronic submission system) should appear on the title page of
the submission. If you submit your full research paper in hard copy
format, you will receive an email confirmation by March 10th. If you

submit your full research paper electronically, you will receive an
email confirmation within 24 hours of your submission.  Overlength or
late papers will be rejected without review.

All authors of accepted papers will be required to sign copyright
release forms, and one author of each accepted paper will be expected
to present the paper at the conference. Questions regarding research
papers may be directed to program committee chairs: Raghu Ramakrishnan
and Sal Stolfo at


Best Paper Awards: The KDD-2000 Best Papers Awards recognize the best
paper in two categories: fundamental research and applications/applied
research.  Fundamental research papers are judged by the significance
and originality of their contribution.  Application/applied research
papers are judged by the practical impact and current or potential
usefulness of the work.  In both categories, the clarity and quality
of presentation are also considered.

Student Travel Awards: SIGKDD, AAAI, SIGMOD and SIGART are sponsoring
student travel awards to KDD-2000, August 20-23, 2000, Boston, MA.
Detailed information will be made available at


KDD-2000 Program Committee
D. Barbara, George Mason Univ.  K. Bennett, RPI
W. Buntine, Ultimode Sys.       D. Carr, George Mason Univ.
S. Chaudhuri, Microsoft Res.    T. Dasu, AT&T Research
T. Dietterich, Oregon State U.  G. Dong, Wright State Univ.
W. Eddy, Carnegie Mellon        S. Eick, Bell Laboratories
O. Etzioni, Univ. Washington    C. Faloutsos, Carnegie Mellon
U. Fayyad, Microsoft Res.       R. Feldman, Bar-Ilan Univ.
T. Fukuda, IBM Japan            J. Gehrke, Cornell Univ.
C. Glymour, Carnegie Mellon     W. Grundy, Columbia Univ.
D. Heckerman, Microsoft Res.    L. Hongjun, HKUST
L. Huan, NUS                    L. Lakshmanan, Concordia Univ.	
D. Lee, Chon Nam Univ.          W.-Y. Loh, Univ. of Wisconsin
D. Madigan, AT&T Research       O. Mangasarian, Univ. of Wisconsin
B. Masand, GTE Labs             C. Merz, NASA Ames Res. Center
S. Morishita, Univ. of Tokyo    R. Motwani, Stanford Univ.
R. Miller, Univ. of Toronto     M. Pazzani, U. C. Irvine
G. Piatetsky-Shapiro,           W. Potts. SAS Institute
    Knowledge Stream Partners   F. Provost, New York Univ.
R. Rastogi, Bell Laboratories   T. Richardson, Univ. of Wash.
G. Ridgeway, Univ. of Wash.     R. Schapire, AT&T Research
J. Shafer, IBM Almaden          J. Shavlik, Univ. of Wisconsin	
N. Soparkar, Univ. of Michigan  P. Stolorz, NASA		
H. Toivonen, Nokia              K. Wang, NUS			
P. Yu, IBM T.J. Watson Res.

SIGKDD Chair:             Won Kim, Cyber Database Solutions,

Organizing Committee:
General Chair:            Ismail Parsa, Epsilon,
Program Co-chairs:        Raghu Ramakrishnan, Univ. of Wisconsin,
                          Sal Stolfo, Columbia University, 

Advising Co-Chair:        Daryl Pregibon, AT&T Research, 
Industrial Track Chairs:  Kenneth Church, AT&T Research, 
                          Mario Schkolnick, SGI, 
Awards Chair:             Heikki Mannila, Helsinki Univ. of
  Student Travel Awards:  Wenke Lee, NCSU,
Conference Treasurer:     John Lin, Epsilon, 
Demos/Exhibits Chair:     Dorian Pyle, Knowledge Stream Partners, 
Local Arrangements Chair: Kathleen Wright, Knowledge Stream Partners, 
Panels Chair:             Alexander Tuzhilin, New York University, 
Proceedings Chair:        Roberto Bayardo, IBM Almaden Research, 
Publicity Chair:          Paul Bradley, Microsoft, 
Registration Chair:       Amar Gupta, MIT,
Sponsorship Chair:        Robert Grossman, Magnify, 
Tutorials Chair:          Raymond Ng, University of British Columbia,  
Workshops Chair:          Philip Chan, Florida Institute of 

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