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DM: SIGKDD Explorations: vol. 1:2, announcements, news, and advertisements

From: Usama Fayyad
Date: Mon Dec 27 19:08:42 1999

The first issue of SIGKDD Explorations, the official newsletter of the 
ACM's new Special Interest Group (SIG) on Knowledge Discovery 
and Data Mining was published in June 1999 and was sent to all 
SIGKDD members and ACM network of libraries. It will also be
included in SIGMOD's DiSC anthology CD-ROM.

If you are a member and did not receive your hardcopy, please
e-mail:  to fix any problems with your membership.

The first vlume is available to all on the web at:

If you have any short news items or announcements approriate
for inclusion in the second issue, please submit them to or  For more information 
and examples from issue 1, please see:

SIGKDD Explorations is a twice-annual newsletter dedicated to 
serve the SIGKDD membership and community. Anoouncements
should not exceed 4 lines in length. Please provide
URL if there is associated web information.

*NEW*: We also have added a for-pay advertisement section to allow
vendors, companies, consultants, and others to reach the rapidly
growing SIGKDD community. Advertising rates start at $250
for quarter page, $500 per half page, and $1000 for a full page.

All submissions must arrive by Jan. 20, 1999 for inclusion
in the next issue.

Usama Fayyad, Editor-in-Chief (
Sunita Sarawagi, Associate Editor (

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