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DM: Looking for reviews of DM packages

From: Scott Nicholson
Date: Mon Dec 27 19:09:13 1999

I've just finished my PhD, and now am going to start a job with a small
firm and be the "expert" on data mining.  I've had coursework on it, and
used it in my dissertation.  I used a combination of Clementine (for the AI
work) and SAS (for traditional statistics), as that was what was available
at school.  I liked SAS, but didn't care so much for Clementine.

I imagine I'll have to recommend software for this company.  I will
recommend SAS for the straight statistics, but I'd like something more
robust than Clementine.  I got frustrated by the lack of reporting options
in this program.

Thus, I'm seeking recommendations for software.  I'll need something for
cleaning the data and something for the AI work.  It doesn't really matter
to me how difficult it is to use; I prefer power over ease of use.  I'll be
doing consulting work with this company, so I have no idea what industries
or projects I'll be working on; therefore versatility is also important.

Is there a web site with recommendations?  Or perhaps this would be
appropriate for a list discussion?

Any help would be appreciated.

Scott Nicholson

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