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DM: M99 - Data Mining Technology Conference Update!!!

From: Dawn Swope
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 17:48:57 -0400 (EDT)

Have you heard the news about this exciting event?
What:           M99 - Data Mining Technology Conference
When:   September 13-17
Where:  SAS Institute Inc.
                Cary, North Carolina

Conference speakers include the most prominent authorities in the 
field of data mining

Michael J. A. Berry, Data Miners
Gordon Linoff, Data Miners
Ismail Parsa, Epsilon Corporation
Bhavani Thuraisingham, Mitre Corporation

Customers that register and pay for M99 by August 13 will receive a 
Compaq handheld PC or save 15% off the registration fee!

And there's more! 
*       C. Olivia Rud, DirectCom- Conference Chairperson
*       Thomas Brauch, Marketing Manager, John Cripps, VP Data Driven
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company
*       Thomas Miller, Director, A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing 
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
*       Greg Barnes Nelson, STATPROBE Technologies      
*       Jean Louis Verboomen, MT&T      

Presentations from the following industries: 
Academic, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Retail,
Telecommunications, and more.

Hot topics include:
Data mining and the Web
Avoiding the Coming Backlash 
Multimedia Data Mining
The Future of Privacy issues
Hybrid Models
Survival Analysis
Fraud Detection
And more

Conference Options
Package Pricing
5 Day Mining Methods Package (Sept 13-17) 
*       Decision Tree Modeling Course
*       M99:  Data Mining Technology Conference
*       Enterprise Miner(tm): Applying Data Mining Techniques Course  
  Fee: $1,700

        - OR -

4.5 Day Data Mining Package (Sept 13-17)
*       Data Mining Primer:  Overview of Applications & Methods Course
*       M99:  Data Mining Technology Conference
*       Neural Network Modeling Course                          
  Fee: $1,600

A La Carte Pricing
Pre-Conference Training (Sept. 13)
Data Mining Primer: Overview of Applications and Methods (1/2 day)    
  Fee: $150                                                                  

        - OR -

Decision Tree Modeling (1 day)                                  
  Fee: $300

Conference (Sept 14-15)
Data Mining Technology Conference                               
  Fee: $995

Post-Conference Training (Sept 16-17)
Enterprise Miner(tm): Applying Data Mining Techniques Course (2 days)
  Fee: $600

        - OR -

Neural Network Modeling Course (2 days)                         
  Fee: $600

How to Register
1.      Call 1-800-333-7660 and speak to a registrar
2.      Register on the Web at <>
3.      Fax a completed registration form to 919-677-3860

For more information contact Dawn Swope at 
919-677-8000, ext. 6926 or E-mail her at

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