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DM: Second International Conference on DATA MINING 2000

From: zanasia
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 19:47:32 -0400 (EDT)

Second International Conference on DATA MINING

5 - 7 July 2000 - Cambridge University, UK

Organised by Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK

N Ebecken -  COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
C A Brebbia -  Wessex Institute of  Technology, UK
A Weigend -   New York University, USA

M Costantino -  London, UK
M Mattoso -   COPPE, Federal University of   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
L Sucharov -  Wessex Institute of  Technology, UK
M Quafafou -  Inst de Recherche en  Informatique de Nantes,   France
R Tsaih - National Chengchi University,   Taiwan
B Wuthrich -  University of Science and  Technology, Hong Kong
A Zanasi -  IBM Italy S.p.A., Italy
N Zhong -  Yamaguchi University, Japan
H G Zimmermann -  Siemens AG, Germany

Data mining is a promising and relatively new area of current research and development which can provide important advantages to the users. It can yield substantial knowledge from data primarily gathered for a wide range of quite different applications. Financial institutions have derived considerable benefits from its application and other industries and disciplines are now applying the methodology to increasing effect.

The second International Conference on Data Mining will provide an international forum for the sharing of original research results and practical development experiences among researchers and applications developers from different areas such as computer experts, statisticians, knowledge acquisition specialists, data analysts, IT consultants, data visualisation experts, and users and developers in business and industry.

The Conference aims to bring together the participants from academic and research, industry and government organisations. The meeting will allow participants to learn about the many different applications of data mining and how the techniques can help in their own field.

The Conference will be held from 5 - 7 July 2000.

New Hall, with its established gardens and many old trees, provides a tranquil setting with easy access from the motorway and ample parking - yet is only ten minutes walk from the heart of Cambridge. It is an international and cosmopolitan college which enjoys new links with Japan through the presence within its grounds of the Kaetsu Educational and Cultural Centre.


Special rates have been negotiated with the University. Details will be available in the Provisional Programme and will be sent to all delegates nearer the time.


An evening dinner will be held during the conference which provides the opportunity for delegates to meet socially and discuss ideas in a more informal setting. All delegates and partners are welcome to attend. Further information will be available from the Conference Secretariat nearer the time.


The proceedings of the conference will be published to a high standard by WIT Press and will be available to delegates at the Conference. The Proceedings will also be distributed worldwide through the international book trade.


Mini exhibition facilities will be available for those firms or organisations wishing to display products, services, hardware software, literature relating to the theme of the conference. Please contact the Conference Secretariat for details.

Return Reply Form: As soon as possible
Submit Abstract: As soon as possible
Submit Final Manuscript: 7 March 2000


Papers are invited on the topics outlined and others falling within the scope of the Meeting Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted by mail, fax or Email as soon as possible and no later than 23 November 1999. Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper. The final acceptance will be based on the full length paper. The author must attend the conference to present the paper, if accepted. Each submitted paper is subject to a separate registration.

Applications of Data Mining in Science, 
Engineering, Business,Industry, Medicine 
Data Warehousing and Databases 
Internet Applications 
Fraud Detection and Prevention 
Data Mining as a Tool for Marketing and Sales 
Managing Data Mining Projects 
Data Mining Software 
Data Discovery 
Data Mining Methodologies 
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
Multi-database Mining 
Machine Learning Methods 
Neural Networks and Decision Trees 
Genetic Algorithms in Data Mining 
Parallel and Distributed Techniques 
Market Basket Analysis 
Visualisation in Data Mining 
Statistically Based Tools 
Clustering and Classification Techniques 
Tools for Pattern Discovery 
Prediction of Future Trends with Historical Data 
Case Studies


Conference Secretariat  - DATA MINING 2000
Wessex Institute of Technology 
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst 
Southampton, SO40 7AA 
Telephone: 44 (0) 23 80 293223 
Fax: 44 (0) 23 80 292853 

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