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DM: SIGKDD Explorations: call for paper for vol. 1 issue 2

From: Dr. Sunita Sarawagi
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:14:29 -0400 (EDT)
This is to announce that the second issue of SIGKDD Explorations, the
official newsletter of the ACM's new Special Interest Group (SIG) on
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining will be published by the end of
the year.  The first issue is available online at  SIGKDD Explorations
newsletter is sent to the ACM SIGKDD membership and to a world-wide
network of libraries. The ACM SIGKDD is a new special interest group
and has grown to over 1000 members in its first 6 months. 

We invite submissions to the second issue which will be
published by year end. We are particularly interested
in getting short research and survey articles
on various aspects of data mining and KDD.  

Submissions can be made in any one of the following categories.
    - survey/tutorial articles (short) on important topics not 
      exceeding 20 pages
    - topical articles on problems and challenges
    - well-articulated position papers
    - technical articles not exceeding 15 pages.
    - news items on the order of 1-3 paragraphs
    - Brief announcements not exceeding 5 lines in length. 
    - review articles of products and methodologies not exceeding 20 
    - reviews/summaries from conferences, panels and special meetings.
    - reports on relevant meetings and committees related to the field

Submissions should be made to or  All submissions must arrive by October 20,
1999 for inclusion in the next issue.  Please provide URL if there is
associated web information.

Some words about the SIGKDD newsletter:
SIGKDD Explorations is a bi-annual newsletter dedicated to 
serve the SIGKDD membership and community. 
Our goal is to make SIGKDD Newsletter a very informative, rapid
publication, and interesting forum for communicating with SIGKDD 


Submissions will be reviewed by the editor and/or associate editors 
as apporpriate. The distribution will be very wide (on the web, to 
all members but probably not restricted access the first year, and to
ACM's world-wide network of libraries. Members get e-mail 
of new issues and get hardcopies if they desire). 

For more information on SIGKDD visit and for
more information on the newsletter visit

Usama Fayyad, Editor-in-Chief

Sunita Sarawagi, Associate Editor

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